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"The number one key to success to any LEED project is owner commitment, right behind that is collaboration and communication within the project team."

David Pratt CEO LoraxPro

LoraxPro makes it easy for project teams to communicate and collaborate through one centralized location. In addition to better communication and collaboration, LoraxPro organizes all the project information and makes it instantly available to everyone involved

Easier Communication, Stronger Team Collaboration

Forget the days of seaching for that one detail, in that one email, regarding that one project. LoraxPro makes it easy to communicate between team members on a one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many basis. This provides a simple way for all team members to stay on the same page at all times, resulting in a more engaging and efficient project.

Quick Reference Team Information

LoraxPro organizes all of your team members by project so everyone can find roles and contact information. This saves time, effort, and aggravation for all your LEED certification projects.

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