About LoraxPro

The vision behind the creation of LoraxPRO is simple... our goal is to dramatically increase the number of certified green buildings.

We do this by driving down total time costs associated with LEED certification, while driving up the value-added quotient of every professional involved in the green building project.

LoraxPRO builds off the experiences and successes of Lorax Partnerships. Formed in 2003, Lorax Partnerships is one of the top LEED consulting firms in the Mid-Atlantic and recipient of the 2008 USGBC Maryland Green Business of the Year award. Lorax has significant green building expertise with over 100 projects in various stages of the LEED certification process, spanning numerous LEED rating systems.

LoraxPRO's four company founders are diverse in experience, astute to the advantages inherent to green building, and long on customer focus, drive, and passion for our work. Each founder has a strong background in the technology industry which, when combined with our years of LEED experience, has created the ideal set of reference points to launch LoraxPRO as a customer-focused, essential addition to any green building project team.

Partner Backgrounds

David Pratt - Chief Executive Officer

David is principal and co-founder of LoraxPro [2008] and Lorax Partnerships [2003]. Lorax Partnerships is a leading LEED consulting firm in the Mid-Atlantic region with over 150 ongoing LEED projects across numerous LEED rating systems and certification levels and was honored with the 2009 Maryland Green Business Leadership award. He is a founding executive board member and past Chairman of the USGBC Maryland chapter, and a governor appointee to the Maryland Governor’s Green Building Council.

Neal Fiorelli – Chief Content Officer

Neal is principal and co-founder of LoraxPro and Lorax Partnerships. Merging decades of corporate experience in areas of service delivery, project control and change management, he developed Lorax Partnerships’ business lines. Neal and his staff are currently managing in excess of 150 LEED certification projects and are well-versed in the nuances of the LEED certification process. He is the LEED Training director for the USGBC Maryland Chapter and previously served on the Northeast Regional Council of USGBC and the LEED Regionalization Task Force for development of LEEDv3.

Brian Ross – Chief Technical Officer

Brian is a founding partner of LoraxPRO where he manages the development and implementation of LoraxPro’s technology platform. Brian has over 20 years of information technology experience specializing in software development on both Java enterprise systems and the Microsoft .Net Framework platform. He has significant expertise in database design and analysis, and a proficiency in structured and efficient programming techniques. During his career, he has participated in the formation of several technology companies from start-up to ultimate acquisition.

LoraxPRO Fundamentals

  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in Columbia, MD
  • Creator of industry-leading LEED certification software

Industry Leadership - Company Founders

  • Appointed - USGBC Regional Council
  • Appointed - USGBC Technical Advisory Group
  • Appointed - USGBC Finance Advisory Board
  • Past Chairman of USGBC Maryland Chapter
  • Past Vice-Chair of USGBC Maryland Chapter
  • Committee members on federal, state and local green building initiatives / ordinances


  • Consulting company has 100+ LEED projects
  • Founders have significant LEED and information technology experience
  • LEED projects include schools, office, retail, multi-family, and institutional assets


  • Improving the performance of project teams
  • Enhancing LoraxPRO's feature set
  • Delivering more LEED certifications


  • LoraxPRO handles multiple LEED rating systems across multiple projects
  • Our model is built to respond to customer needs efficiently and effectively
  • We support private market project teams as well as municipal and government applications